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Super C+ Elderberry Tablets

Super C+ Elderberry Tablets

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Formulated with 1000 mg of PureWay-C, a patented, fast-acting form of antioxidant vitamin C, Super C+ is readily absorbed and goes to work quickly to help support healthy immune system function. We combine it with 125 mcg of vitamin D-3, 20 mg of zinc, and 300 mg of elderberry, an herb rich in flavonoids and used for thousands of years for its immune health benefits. This powerful vitamin and herbal complex works synergistically to help keep your system strong so you can be ready when it counts.

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Since 1978

We believe that health should be rooted in nature, not the laboratory. Guided by an herb-first ethos, in 1978 our founder Dr. Janet Zand set out to create a line of immunity supplements as clean as they were effective. 40 years later, Zand Immunity is still dedicated to keeping you healthy with nature-inspired solutions.  

  • Radically Simple

    More from Mother Earth. Less from the lab. We ditch fillers and junk, replacing them with the best that nature has to offer.

  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    We’re proud of our high-quality products, and to back this up, we offer a 60-Day-Money-Back Guarantee on all Zand Immunity products.