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Kids Elderberry Syrup

Simple, nature-derived immune support for children. Rich with elderberry and honey for health benefits that taste great!


Delicious Immune Support

Keeping your kids happy and healthy is job #1. Zand Kids Elderberry Syrup is an easy and effective way to help you do just that!


Our complete immune formula is designed to support a child’s immune system and contains the juice of 10 elderberries in every serving!** In a base of raw honey,with no other sweeteners or flavors, our Kids Syrup is made with pure, simple ingredients from nature for whole body immune support.


Perfect for kids one year and older, our synergistic blend consists of elderberry fruit, juiced and bottled within hours. Elderberry has been a favorite immune-supporting herb for generations, rich in anthocyanins and antioxidant flavonoids tohelp support wellness all year long. We’ve added rose hips, echinacea and other herbs for additional immune support, and ourdelicious natural honey flavor makes it a sweet treatthey’re bound to love!

Because at Zand quality is one of our highest priorities, our Kids Syrup ingredients are lab verified for purity and potency. Keep your kids healthy AND happy with Zand Kids Elderberry Honey Syrup for powerful immune support!

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