Elderberry & Honey Immunity Drink (8-Pack) - Default Title
Elderberry & Honey Immunity Drink (8-Pack) - Default Title
Elderberry & Honey Immunity Drink (8-Pack) - Default Title

Immunity Drink (8-Pack), Organic

Elderberry with Honey, 8 Bottles (10.8oz per bottle)


Gluten Free
Corn Free
Organic, Immunity Drink that tastes great and contains the equivalent of 260 elderberries in each 10.8oz single serve bottle!

Absolutely Delicious!

— Emma B.

Keeping you happy and healthy is our top priority. Zand Immunity Elderberry Immune Drink is an easy and effective way to help you do just that. Our complete immune formula is designed to support your immune system and contains organic apple cider vinegar for the added bonus of digestive support! Formulated with organic tart cherry juice and apitherapy honey for a naturally sweet flavor, our Elderberry Immune Drink is made with pure, simple ingredients from nature for whole body immune support.


Oraganic Elderberry

Elderberries contain naturally occurring flavonoids that deliver powerful antioxidant protection and help support the immune system.


Organic Apitherapy Honey 

As a natural source of antibacterials and antioxidants, apitherapy honey is a healthy and delicious way to support your immune system without compromise.  


Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is rich in natural protein, healthy bacteria and acetic acid, and that healthy bacteria may help support overall gut health.


Organic Tart Cherry Juice 

Packed with vitamin C, vitamin A and manganese, tart cherry juice may help support the body’s immune system and support regular blood pressure levels.


Pure, simple, effective

Lab Verified

Lab Verified to ensure purity and potency in every ingredient and final product.

Made in USA

With high-quality, globally sourced ingredients.

Simple Ingredients

Immune Support made using only pure and simple ingredients.